What Is The Recovery Time After FUE?

So, you underwent an FUE hair transplant? Very nice! you’ll enjoy the advantages of full hair, both physically and mentally. Hair transplantation using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is more profitable than the long FUT (Follic Unit Transplantation) and therefore the recovery time is far shorter. The healing process starts immediately after the procedure. Unlike the FUT method, this method doesn’t remove skin strips and only collects hair follicles from the donor area. So you’ll run and attend work immediately after the Hair Transplant. But the first concern, of course, is how long it takes for recovery and when your hair will look natural and healthy again.

Preventing damage or infection during this area is extremely important within the healing phase. Here is our comprehensive guide what’s the recovery time from an FUE hair transplant.

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FUE Transplant regrowth recovery timeline:

By the top of the primary week, the discomfort, swelling, bleeding, and scab should improve, leaving you with flattop style short hair on the scalp. you’ll then expect an entire hair restoration and hair recovery schedule as follows.

Two to 3 weeks after surgery:

Within two to 3 weeks after a hair transplant with FUE, the newly transplanted hair will fall off. This process is normal and not something to stress about. this is often a part of the natural phase of hair growth. Even with hair loss, the follicle itself remains healthy and returns to the expansion phase within a couple of weeks.

Two to 3 months after surgery:

At this stage, the transplanted hair remains during a normal resting phase. At now , the patient with FUE usually looks an equivalent as before the surgery. this is often also typical. you ought to still follow all postoperative instructions carefully and attend follow-up visits with a doctor.

Growth and recovery within the fourth month:

At the top of 4 months, you’ll see new hair growth from the transplanted follicle. However, in some patients, new hair growth may occur a touch earlier as healing time and knowledge can vary. At this stage, new hair growth are often delicate and thin, which doesn’t show long-term FUE results.

Eight to nine months;

By the ninth month, you’ll have for much longer and thicker hair so you’ll style your hair however you wish . As usual, do a follow-up examination with the doctor.

FUE results at the top of the year;

After one year of surgery, the transplant process are going to be mostly complete in terms of growth, thickness and density. Most of your follicles will grow healthy hair at now . After a few year, many hair transplant patients who want better protection can judge whether or not they are good candidates for repeat surgery.

The time and stages of recovery vary between patients, but there are some things that patients can expect. Immediately after the procedure, the patient features a small hole within the donor area thanks to graft removal. which will draw in a couple of days and appears like nothing was wiped out every week , because the hair grows. Sometimes there’s a small inflammation within the donor area, which may last up to every week or two after the procedure.

The recipient area begins to grow immediately. The patient should wash his hair and pour water over his head for the primary week rather than scrubbing the world . On the 7th day after the procedure, the patient can wash hair normally. At some point, all the hair will fall out from the graft, and are often  this is often when the patient goes through a period where it looks like nothing can be done. Don’t worry! Hair grows around 3-5 months, as explained above.

When are you able to return to figure after hair restoration?

Since FUE may be a minimally invasive procedure, you’ll technically expect to return to figure each day or two after surgery if your job doesn’t require work . many of us schedule their procedures for a Thursday or Friday and return to figure the subsequent Monday.

However, it’s up to you to make a decision how long to attend before returning to figure . for many patients, the foremost significant factor is how secretly they need to stay the recovery process going. within the first week to 10 days after hair restoration surgery, you experience significant side effects, and you’ll await them to subside before returning to figure .


If the FUE method is successfully wiped out clinics that meet the specified requirements, you’ll be satisfied with the results. Immediately after the FUE hair transplant, the patient can still their lifestyle without much trouble. However, if you would like canker sores and therefore the appearance of the crust looks to disappear completely, it only takes 7-10 days. albeit it took one year to urge your final look, how long it’s isn’t intrusive. Especially if the hair you only planted at the proper angle, the results are going to be very successful. you’ll advance together with your life during a very secure and happy way.

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