Top 5 Hair Transplant Clinics in India

5. Dermasculpt


Hair transplantation helps those who have lost their hair thanks to namely any reason whether it’s hereditary or another cause. Yes, it are often treated but only with the simplest surgeons who have the proper experience for treating those with alopecia. On the opposite hand, getting natural hair giving a natural appearance is that the first preference for the bulk of the people that have baldness in a number of the opposite scalp areas. Dermasculpt Hair Transplant and Skin Clinic is renowned for offering the simplest treatment and taking care of the issues in an efficient manner.

  • Dermasculpt hair transplant clinic was begun by Dr. Deepak Devakar.
  • Dr. Deepak who is that the head surgeon here performs all the surgeries
  • He has an experience of quite a decade in skincare and dermatology.
  • Recommended because the best choice for regaining the lost hair.

4. Rejoice Hair Transplant


Better than fixing plenty of money and getting to a far off country for hair transplant, it’s far more recommended to all or any getting that done is now possible in India too. As India is not any way behind any country whether it’s medicine or new technologies used for best treatment and solutions. So best is to go to the Rejoice clinic at Dadar, Mumbai. Here the clinic is understood for offering the simplest skin also as hair solutions for years as they need an abundance of experience and knowledge of hair transplants.

  • Founded by Dr. Shankar Sawant.
  • Offering top-class services since 2002.
  • Offering the simplest solutions for hair fall and baldness with an expert dermatologist team.
  • Present in various locations across the country.

3. DermaClinix


Known for the simplest hair transplantation and skin care solutions offered by the duo Dr. Armendra & Dr. Kavish Chauhan. they create use of the technique and machinery which supply lasting solution to hair problems faced by a private . Here they will assist you regain the lost hair within the least time possible also as within the least painful method. In recent years an enormous number of cases are reported of hair loss and mostly in youngsters. So DermaClinix is that the best solution for those that are affected by hair loss or alopecia.

  • Offering the simplest solutions as having on board an experienced and qualified team of a dermatologist.
  • They also make sure that safe and effective services are delivered.
  • they’re present in the least major locations.
  • They not just before or during the surgery help with anything that you simply have questions or problems regarding, even after the surgeries are done they’re there to help you with anything that ails you.

2. Harleys Clinic


Harley’s hair clinic may be a name that would be trusted when it involves simplifying long-lasting hair solutions only for you. because it is visited and managed by Dr. Sumit Agarwal who is sort of popular across India. that’s because he has been quite satisfying solution to hair fall problems and hair transplants that still grow naturally for an extended time even after transplant surgery. As backed with quite a decade of experience as a hair transplant expert here at Harleys clinic they fully understand the matter with edge-cutting technologies for the simplest possible results

  • The clinic and every one the surgeries are done under the supervision of Dr. Agarwal.
  • Has successfully performed over thousand surgeries.
  • Expert in Strip, FUE and FUT techniques.
  • Get all the advantages of international standards at just the national costs.
  • All-in-one-solution for all hair surgeries and transplants.


At Scarlet Clinic professionals believe that everybody wishes to seem appealing, charming, beautiful and alluring personality. They strive hard to supply and make the beautification procedure with quite just ensure a satisfactory outcome. Scarlet clinic is understood to supply a natural look with the medically approved hair treatment procedures with ensured safety & care. At Scarlet Clinic hair transplantation is obtainable with a standard goal of achieving optimum efficiency and satisfaction.

  1. The clinic and every one the surgeries are performed by Dr. Mukesh Manjhi who owns and runs the Scarlet Clinics.
  2. Latest technology used along side a panel of experts in dermatology.
  1. Success rate:- 99%

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