Skin Biopsy

What is Skin Biopsy and why is it done?

A skin biopsy is a sample taken from the skin to microscopically assess various skin diseases.

Skin biopsy is examined to produce information regarding the medical condition of the patient to rule out the probabilities of some particular skin conditions or diseases.

Various methods can be used to perform skin biopsy like punch biopsy, incision biopsy, excision biopsy, and shave biopsy

What are the side effects?

A skin biopsy may be a very safe procedure as side effects are rarely seen when it’s done by an experienced dermatologist.

Complications occur very rarely within the type of bruising, scarring or pigmentation, etc.

What is the Procedure of Skin Biopsy?

The biopsy site is numbed firstly to form the procedure painless and comfy then the sample is taken. The sample is sent immediately to the lab and therefore the wound site is cleaned and bandaged.

What are the items to Remember?
  • You need to stay the bandage until the subsequent day
  • Do not stretch or bump the skin
  • Wash your hands before touching the location.
  • Wash the biopsy site gently with soap and water and pat dry it
  • Cover the location with a bandage that permits it to ventilate
  • Follow the instructions given by your dermatologist.
  • Reports are available 4-10 days.