Birthmark removal

What is a birthmark?

A birthmark is a colored mark that’s often present at birth (or develops soon afterward) and is visible on the skin.

There are two main sorts of birthmark:

  • Vascular birthmarks (often red, purple, or pink) most ordinarily occur on the face and within the head and neck area.
  • Pigmented birthmarks (usually brown) can appear anywhere on the body.
What causes birthmarks?

Birthmarks are often caused by a spread of various issues, including the abnormal grouping of blood vessels or clusters of pigment cells.

Is birthmark removal possible?

If a birthmark is causing you to possess low self-esteem, then birthmark removal is feasible . Birthmark removal treatment can take as little as 10 minutes, and therefore the procedure are often administered safely by a professional doctor employing a special sort of laser.