Eczema is a persistent skin disease that causes extremely itchy rashes on body. There are various skin diseases encompassed by this term of eczema and the prognosis will depend on the type and severity of disease. It is usually associated with a dry skin condition and can run in families. A proper skin friendly routine like proper miniaturization and cleaning techniques will help in reducing symptoms and flare ups.

Also important is identifying and working around means to avoid the triggers goes a long way in preventing recurrences. Topical moisturizers (to avoid dryness), topical steroids and immumomodulators (to reduce inflammation in the reactive skin), anti-histaminics (to reduce the itch) are the chief treatment options. Systemic drugs such as cyclosporine, methotrexate, and steroids to suppress the immune response may be required in severe cases. It is important to consult and follow up with the dermatologist and not self-medicate.

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