Chemical Peels

Sun damage, aging, acne, and pigmentation can give skin a patchy, dull appearance. Chemical peels offer a secure and straightforward solution to all or any these problems by rejuvenating the skin with minimal / no downtime. The ingredients for peels are extracted from natural sources like milk, sugarcane, papaya, and citrus fruits and purified into potent medical-grade preparations of standardized strengths. the thought of chemical peels isn’t a contemporary one. Cleopatra’s milk bath was merely a mild lactic peel in action.

Chemical peels treatments work by penetrating to a selected depth and removing only the topmost layers of skin, which primarily contains dead cells. Thus peels cause a controlled exfoliation to offer brighter, smoother skin. supported the depth up to which they cause resurfacing of the skin, chemical peels could also be referred to as superficial, medium, or deep peels. the foremost appropriate peels for individual skin are often selected by the treating doctor counting on the skin type and concerns.

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