Acne may seem like an endless problem but with the right approach it is possible to control the acne breakouts and also reverse the scarring and discoloration caused by it. While acne is still most common among teenagers, the skin problem is widespread among adults. Acne occur on face, neck, chest, back, or shoulders. Stress, hormonal fluctuations, diet, some medication, cosmetics and genetics can make women, in particular, more prone to routine breakouts in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s.

Allowing acne to go untreated can lead to skin discoloration and even scarring. For your daily use avoid all greasy cosmetics on the face. Look for a ‘non comedogenic’ cosmetic which is safer in Acne prone skin. Also its advised to abstain from high calorie foods like cakes, chocolates, sweets, fast food etc. Squeezing or picking on the pimples is a big no no. It can cause scarring.

To reduce the risk of lasting skin damage, it’s important to start a customized acne treatment plan as early as possible. The treatment is personalized according to patients case but usually involves oral and topical medications, diet advice and in clinic procedures like IPL, Chemical Peeling and Laser treatment. These solutions help improve the tone and texture of your skin, brighten your complexion, and eliminate future breakouts.

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