Acne Scar Correction
The worst outcome of acne is scarring. These scars disfigure your face for the whole life. A lot of patients of acne coming to us do have associated scarring. We can also say that Acne scars are a sequel to untreated or improperly treated acne which could have been prevented by a correct, timely treatment. We, at Satya Skin clinic, have treated thousands of such patients successfully. There are many safe & effective techniques to deal with this problem. Treatment is individualized depending upon the nature of scars & type of skin.
Some of the popular methods of treating acne scars are as follows:
» Fractional Laser
» Derma Roller
» Chemical peeling
» Microdermabrasion
» Surgical techniques
Fractional Laser A “fractional” laser is used for fractional resurfacing of the skin layer. The laser used in this procedure does not throw a solid laser-light beam rather the beam is broken up into a grid of thousands of microscopic beams. Unlike old resurfacing lasers that remove the entire top layer of skin, fractional resurfacing works by creating a grid of pinpoint laser beams that zap tiny spots on the skin.
This produces thousands of tiny but deep columns of treatment in your skin, known as microthermal treatment zones. This method protects the skin from enduring too much damage at once and, because you have an 80 percent reservoir of normal skin surrounding these microthermal treatment zones, healing is fast. In other words it treats a "fraction" of the skin surface each time and that is why the technique is called "fractional laser resurfacing".
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